Weekly Pantry Trivia

St. Vincent de Paul Food Bank Trivia:

Question: What dessert can be eaten with your fingers especially by children and a great snack in school lunches?

Answer: Pudding Cups.

Question: How many Pudding Cups does the food bank go through in a month?

Answer: The food bank has over 150 children each month and we try to give each one at least 2 pudding cups so we go through more than 300 pudding cups a month.

Please consider picking up some Pudding Cups this week and dropping it into the food bank bin at the entrance of the Church.

And if you have no time to shop consider donating via e-transfer at: svdpbowmanville.donations@gmail.com Create your own security question and use the security answer – foodbank. All donations over $20 are eligible for a donation tax receipt so please put your email address in the information section of the transfer.